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Who is Shorpy Higginbotham?

Shorpy was a real person, a young boy who worked as a greaser in a coal mine. In 1910, his photo was captured in Jefferson County, Alabama, by a photographer named Lewis Wickes Hine. Now, more than 100 years later, that photograph has inspired a cult following on the wildly popular website bearing his namesake: Shorpy.com. The […]

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Vintage Restaurant Menus

Menus are fascinating because they really don’t discriminate. No matter where we are from or who we are, we have all picked up a menu to select something to eat at one time or another. Not only are vintage menus adorned with beautiful drawings and typefaces, but they showcase the foods of former eras.  Did […]

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Vintage Food: TaB Soda

Do You Eat Vintage Food?

This is part one- of a four-part series: “DO YOU EAT VINTAGE FOOD / NEW FOOD / CULT FOOD / REAL FOOD?” This post is dedicated to VINTAGE FOOD. And by vintage food, we are referring to food that once existed that no longer does. Food that was widely used and no longer is. Food that needs […]

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