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Travelers on a zodiac boat exploring the South Shetland Islands with Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic on the Antarctica, South Georgia, Falkland Islands adventure

Antarctica — Land of Sea and Ice

On February 24, 2015, I posted this to social media: “I’m leaving Antarctica today. But not before stopping to see where Shackleton’s men lived before being rescued and seeing a leopard seal kill.” Rewriting this now, this post reads as fiction. But this type of experience truly is par for the course in the land […]

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Live from the Colony -- #PNN Penguin News Network

“Update From the Colonies” (Penguin News Network)

While crossing the Southern Ocean from Antarctica to South Georgia Island, I got to talking with some new friends over a dram or two of Shackleton Whisky and we realized that there is a major gap in news reporting when it comes to the life of the penguin. There is a lot going on in the colonies! That’s when Penguin News Network was born… […]

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Gad Made a Farmer

Best Ads from Superbowl XLVII

Our picks for the very best ads during Super Bowl 47 (slim pickings this year, hmm?) Audi. Bravery. Teenager goes to prom, kisses prom queen and gets punched out by prom king. Teenager never happier than rolling home with his black eye in his Audi. Bravery. Doritos. Goat 4 Sale. Man buys a goat, shares the Doritos, has […]

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Helen Skelton Kayak's Down the Amazon

Adventure Stories: Helen Skelton’s Solo Kayaking Journey Down the Length of the Amazon

“You get out of life what you put in.” British television personality Helen Skelton is thought to be the first woman to paddle the entire length of the Amazon. Her kayak, named Anne Marie, took her 2010 miles (3234.79 km) from the Rio Maranon and Rio Ucayali, Peru; to St. John in the Amazon Delta, Brazil. […]

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Filmmakers Zvone Seruga and Neja Garvas in West Papua

Journey Into Wild West Papua with Filmmakers Zvone Seruga and Neja Garvas

Every day of most of our lives is largely consumed by progress, technology, the constant drive for success. But somewhere—in a rugged place nestled within our “small world”—is tribal living at its most primitive. Few people have the guts, the means, or even a reason to seek this wonderful place—one of the most wild places […]

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76 Movies About Travel and Adventure

(Last updated May 12, 2015 – sign up to receive updates by email) There are a lot of “Best Travel Movie” lists out there on the web. And there are a lot of epic travel movies to love. The intention of this list is to dive farther than the most popular and deeper than the most […]

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