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Hadza warriors of East Africa

A Tale of Three Tribes: the Maasai, the Hadza Warriors and the Totoga “Tree People” of East Africa

As a child, I favored field trips to lesson plans. As a high school graduate, instead of heading off to a dorm room, I put it all in a bag and moved to a city where I could explore anonymously. I worked hard through my twenties as a digital nomad and beyond that function, traveled […]

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Tanzania’s Colorful Maasai — Image Gallery

We passed through the Serengeti plains into the Maasai camps of northern Tanzania to meet Ole Durup — an elder with four wives, hoards of kids, and one very active cell phone. Always working, Durup brings money into the camps giving families currency to buy goats and cattle for milk (but not for meat)—stock that is vital […]

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Seeing in the Dark in a Hut in Tanzania

Can Humans See In The Dark?

Did you know that humans are 100% capable of seeing in absolute blackness?  All it takes is a few moments for your eyes to adjust. I learned this fun fact in small hut in Tanzania, where I walked into the front space of a three compartment home and felt for a seat.  There was no […]

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