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The art of Space Invader on The Triple Bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia

One Place to Find The Art of Space Invader

Went to Slovenia. Met the man in the city, dropped off the bags, headed downtown on foot for coffee and what do I see? Atari man by Space Invader, hooray! I had just watched Exit Through the Giftshop (again) a couple of days prior, and I had taken with me from it a new rush of […]

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Lake Bohinj, Triglav National Park, Slovenia

The Great Outdoors: Triglav National Park, Slovenia

The Isonzo Pass in the Soča Valley—Hemingway wrote of this place in A Farewell to Arms. It is where Italian and Austro-Hungarian forces fought for two years during the Battle of Caporetto that took the lives of 1 million soldiers during WWI. The area is named after the Soča River that runs through the western edge of Triglav […]

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Metelkova City, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Art With A Voice: Metelkova City, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The ‘Metelkova City Autonomous Cultural Center‘, in Ljubljana, Slovenia—more commonly known and much easier said ‘Metelkova’— is a composition of seven buildings and outdoor space run by independent leaders of civic engagement, political action groups, and artists of music, painting, sculpture, literature, theater, printmaking and other arts. It is also well known for its weekend exhibitions (i.e. dancing and flirting […]

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