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The Happiest Fork on Earth: HAPIfork.

The Smartest Fork on Earth: HAPIfork

If it meant that you would eat smarter and be healthier, would you let a fork tell you what to do? You see, the HAPIfork is just like a personal trainer, except the types of lifts you will be concentrating on is fork-to-mouth lifts. The key word here is concentration. So often, we eat mindlessly — surely […]

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Best New Board Game: “Cards Against Humanity”

Are your friends creative and completely vulgar?  Ours are too.  So you’ll believe us when we say that if you get your posse together to play this card game (we recommend with cocktails) you might actually make yourself nauseous by laughing so hard – a really good thing! It’s a simple concept, one player per round asks a […]

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