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The Milky Way over Tenerife. Photo Credit & Copyright: Juan Carlos Casado via NASA APOD

Starmus: Space Geeks, Science Peeps and Travel Freaks to Meet at the Canary Islands

Niche travel has many special interests covered — food, wine, literature. I rarely see astronomy and science mixed in with those groups. This isn’t terribly surprising as these are highly specialized interests, and space people typically spend more time inside of offices than they do on the road. I am a traveler, and I also work in America’s human […]

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Lokrum Island, Croatia

Lokrum Island, Croatia — “The Island of Love”

According to legend, Lokrum Island is cursed. It began in the 12th century, when a French general ordered expulsion of the Benedictine monks who had built and lived in their house of worship on Lokrum for centuries. Dismayed, the monks went to the church of St. Mary to pray to the god of the island for […]

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