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Ham, the space fairing chimpanzee c. 1961

7 Animals Who Have Traveled to Space

In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, during the early stages of the Space Race, the Soviet Union conducted scientific and exploration research by sending canines into orbit, the United States sent primates. After dogs and monkeys went spiders, fish, and even a French cat. Who says there isn’t life off of Earth?! This post is dedicated to […]

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Influenza Sorbet

Kick Sickness to the Curb with INFLUENZA SORBET

When we are sick, we usually want ice cream. Or family-favorite hot bourbon tea with honey, lemon and nasal-clearing spices. “Influenza Sorbet” combines these two favorite cures in one very smart spoonful that makes the medicine go down a little more easily indeed. Created by Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, this formula combats fevers, flushes, sniffles and flus with cayenne pepper, […]

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Pink and Red Goes Head to Head

Red and pink clash. We’ve always been taught this. But perhaps our rules of color theory are color blind. Today, we saw a matchstick with a red-orange tip struck against a pink-with-blue-undertone strip of sandpaper that hugged the side of the matchbox. The color combo was stunning. Red and pink matches. It matches!  We started digging […]

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