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Review: Vickers Brothers Whisky; South Carolina Backwoods Recipe

First published on WorldwideDelicacies.com I usually squeeze one drop of juice direct from an orange slice into any glass of whisky to soften the hard edge. Hey, that’s just how I like my whisky. I was reviewing Vickers Brothers South Carolina Backwoods Recipe so I tried it unadulterated, and it didn’t need that drop. It’s almost as if […]

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Map of Brunei and British Northern Borneo

Brunei Darussalam, Borneo

On the northwestern coast of the island of Borneo, between Sarawak and Malaysia, is Brunei Darussalam — the “Abode of Peace.”  Brunei is probably best known for its long line of sultans and extraordinary wealth and power afforded by an abundance of natural oil and petroleum resources that scatter the island.  So, how can a land blessed […]

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The Genetic Code for Food

The Genetic Code for Food

The greatest unifying thread in all cultures is food. Sharing food is an integral part of preserving tradition.  The meals that children are raised on will be remembered long after they and their parents are gone – the food shared at family holidays, gatherings and special occasions is all a part of our genetic code. […]

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Epicurus & the Epicureans?

Epicurus & the Epicureans?

The modern use of the word ‘epicure’ describes a person who is knowledgeable in the art of sensory pleasure – most notably relating to food and wine. But the real Epicureans, however, believed that all life is suffering, and so the purpose of this life is to experience pleasure.  The “vertebrae” (so to speak) of […]

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Forbidden (Black) Rice

The western world is nurturing our bodies like never before.  By fueling our diet with nutrient-rich grains, we are now armed with boosted energy and improved overall health.  For “health nuts,” the first change in grain preferences came decades ago when we swapped fluffy white rice (refined flour that metabolizes into sugar, then fat) for […]

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The Hundred Year (Century) Egg

What if I told you that one of China’s rarest food delicacies has been rotting in the ground for one hundred years? Well, not rotting, exactly, but aging — aging to one-of-a-kind perfection. …And not for a hundred years either, but just for a couple of months. I would like to introduce you to the […]

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