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Pâté Maison (pah-tay mā-zō) History and Recipe

Historically, (and today in many parts of the world) no part of an animal is wasted from the dinner table — a good example of this is bottarga, cured mullet roe from the Mediterranean. Another is French pâté. Pâté was first sold as a simple meat pie in food markets in ancient Greece. In its early form, […]

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Simple Appetizers: Jumbo Prawns in Court Bouillon

Ingredients: 20 jumbo prawns, chilled, peeled and deveined 2 white onions, sliced 6 celery stalks, chopped 1 leek, chopped 1 carrot, chopped 3 bay leaves, crushed 1 tsp. thyme 1 tsp. whole peppercorns 4 Tbsp. kosher salt 2 qt. water 1 ¾ qt. chicken stock 1 cup white table wine lemon wedges (garnish) Method: In […]

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Swiss 'Peasant' Food: Raclette

Raclette – Traditional Swiss ‘Peasant’ Food

Switzerland’s most beloved dish is Raclette. A hearty and inexpensive meal perfected for centuries in the Alps. Traditionally, this hobo-style meal was meant to satisfy big appetites in cold winter weather and was made out of just cheese, potatoes and vegetables—all ingredients grown in the mountains. Adding meat became popular when the dish hit populated […]

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Pisco Sour from Peru

Recipe for a Traditional Peruvian Pisco Sour

Recipe courtesy of Cicciolina.   “Pisco” is South American grape brandy. A Pisco Sour is made with grape brandy as the base liquor – bartenders in South America recommend Cabarende or Don Cesar Pisco Puro – sour components such as lime and lemon juice, and balancers such as egg white, simple syrup and Bitters. The Chilean version uses straight sugar instead […]

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Traditional Style Spanish Paella from Valencia

Cooking for a Crowd? Family-Style Spanish Paella

It’s the weekend and on the weekend, we should cook feasts. Here is a good feast to share (and it can be a costly one because seafood and saffron can both be quite expensive.) Worth the cost, though, with a host of approving eyebrows raising the roof and a story to tell while chowing down. So, Paella.  First […]

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Classic Cocktails for Grownups

Classic Cocktails for Grown Ups

The Dark ‘N’ Stormy First created and trademarked by Bermuda’s Gosling’s Export Limited — Bermuda’s oldest business house!  This boldly crisp cocktail is wildly popular with maritimers of Bermuda and Australia, who later introduced it to sailors in the mid-Atlantic. Today, you will find this drink on nearly every bar menu in the northeastern US. Glass: Highball Ingredients: 2 oz. Goslings Black Seal […]

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Croatian Ćevapčići – from Kantun in Split

The National Dish of the Balkans: Ćevapčići

From the U.S. to Ljubljana to Triglav National Park in Slovenia, south on the wine route and into Croatia, east to Bosnia through Mostar to Sarajevo … this is the road-trip-by-car route that would steer us to Sarajevo’s best local restaurant for Ćevapčići – the life-altering dish of the Balkan region that we would continue to seek daily during a month-long […]

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Pair Boardwalk Empire’s Season Premier with Themed Cocktail: “The Nucky”

Are you looking forward to tonight’s season premier of Boardwalk Empire on HBO?  Same, same, us too.  So to celebrate, we are getting into character with Rye whiskey – considered to be the original American spirit (George Washington’s distillery made it). Rye is the main ingredient in widely beloved Manhattan and Old Fashioned classic cocktails. […]

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Japanese Kaiseki: 11-Courses of Elegant and Traditional Japanese Fare

Japan: where knife training occurs for many years before a budding chef is allowed near a fish and chopping block — where cooking rice is a careful and deliberate balance of vinegar, rice, water and a knowing hand. Kaiseki and Kaiseki Ryōri. The multi-course traditional meal that is one of food’s most extraordinary displays of […]

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