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Review: Vickers Brothers Whisky; South Carolina Backwoods Recipe

First published on I usually squeeze one drop of juice direct from an orange slice into any glass of whisky to soften the hard edge. Hey, that’s just how I like my whisky. I was reviewing Vickers Brothers South Carolina Backwoods Recipe so I tried it unadulterated, and it didn’t need that drop. It’s almost as if […]

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Shackleton’s Whisky

The 1914-1916 Endurance voyage made Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton one of the most famous and beloved explorers in history. But it was the Nimrod Expedition a few years earlier that would inspire one of the most sought after replica whisky’s ever created. Collectors, spirit aficionados, history buffs and modern-day explorers are all keen to take a sip of this storied […]

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Hornitos Black Barrel -- photo by @iStefPayne

Hornitos Black Barrel; a Drink With my Father

The most memorable drinks that I’ve ever had were also an experience. I had such an experience with my father a couple of weeks ago, sitting on his deck overlooking the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. We sat as we’d done each year previously, for years and years throughout my life, looking out across the silver […]

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Real Joe: Greek Coffee

Real Joe: Greek Coffee

A short background, facts and fables, and how to make traditional Greek coffee. The Mediterranean is known for long, lingering meals — a tradition dating back to the Ancient Greeks. Early recordings storied feasts — appetizers of olives, figs, cheese or dried fish; main courses, pastas and desserts and wines — that would start in the morning […]

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Best Tea Houses in Chicago, Illinois USA

Great Teahouses of Chicago

One of the best ways to warm up in the very cold and Windy City of Chicago is with a spot of tea. The most beloved tea spots in the city: Russian Tea Time A seventeen year old Chicago landmark restaurant that never fails to impress locals and international tourists alike. Located in the heart of […]

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Spirits from Around the World

The most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world is beer (the America’s, Australia, Europe); the second is wine (South America, most of Europe); and the third is spirits (Asia, Russia).  This post looks at spirits from various regions spanning the globe — what they are made from and the countries they come from. Pisco […]

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Beautiful Wine Labels Created by Famous Artists

In Langhe region of northwestern Italy, a fourth generation small-producer is yielding some of the world’s most distinct, elevated single-vineyard Barberas and Barolos available. And how better to put the stamp on a beautiful bottle than with a beautiful label? In 1970, the Vietti family began their ongoing collection of artist labels featuring original creations […]

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Pisco Sour from Peru

Recipe for a Traditional Peruvian Pisco Sour

Recipe courtesy of Cicciolina.   “Pisco” is South American grape brandy. A Pisco Sour is made with grape brandy as the base liquor – bartenders in South America recommend Cabarende or Don Cesar Pisco Puro – sour components such as lime and lemon juice, and balancers such as egg white, simple syrup and Bitters. The Chilean version uses straight sugar instead […]

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What to eat for luck

Eat Your Luck: Prosperity Foods from Around the World

Most cultures have eating traditions that are meant to bring good luck and prosperity to the beginning of each year. We aren’t too superstitious, so we think it’s okay to bend the rules and incorporate these ingredients into your menu throughout January.  (We’re not sure, but it probably can’t hurt to increase the odds of good fortune?) […]

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