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Best travel booking sites and mobile apps

Best Travel Booking Sites and Apps (2014)

I’m a somewhat frequent traveler and have been for some time. Over the years, I’ve found many exceptional resources in terms of booking engines and planning sites. Those listed below have helped me get on the road at one time or another. Some, I’ve been using for years, others, are brand new to me and have proven […]

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Pin-speration! A Real-Life Translation of Using Pinterest

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Thanksgiving Etiquette | Infographic

Learn how to fold a turkey napkin  … Happy Thanksgiving everybody! By Ghergich via Visually

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Author Philip Roth at his Stand Up Desk

Why I Love My Stand Up Desk

It turns out that opting to use a stand up desk at a government office can create a stir.  But why? Thomas Jefferson stood at his “tall desk” while conceiving architectural blueprints for buildings such as the Virginia State Capitol. Prussian Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck used one, as did statesman Winston Churchill, as does Donald Rumsfeld. […]

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7 Deadly Sins of Article Writing

The 7 Deadly Sins of Article Writing for the Web

Great writers read for perspective and ideas.  Here is a new perspective on how the capital vices can turn into web writing sins. Sloth Don’t be lazy, edit every little detail. We’re putting this at the head of the pack because it just might be the most important detail in crafting a triumphant portfolio of writing.  Edit and proof […]

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Is Your Resume and Cover Letter Keeping Up with the Times?

Your resume and cover letter is up to date, but is it up to this date? It’s a modern world out there, and getting noticed is more difficult than ever.  Ask any hiring manager today what major challenges sit between an able and willing professional and a great job and they will tell you the […]

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How to Flip a Coin

You are going to need to settle bets in this life. And the best way to settle a two person bet is to flip a coin. At the U.S. Olympic track and field trails that would determine the American team at the London Games last summer, there was a tie for third place in the women’s 100m dash — they actually […]

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Are you a good tipper?

Are You Good Tipper?

Are you a bad tipper? Do you even care if you’re a good or a bad tipper? In France, Paris especially, cafe and food culture is so important that servers earn reasonably high wages and additional government subsidies. By contrast, in Washington DC, tipped employees earn a pittance – about $2.13 an hour before State […]

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The good jar

Need A Reminder that Life is Good? Create a “Good Jar” for 2013

Life is good.  A fact we all too often forget. With all of the trials we go through during life, it is not surprising that we sometimes focus on all that is negative rather than on what is positive. Sometimes life is painful, but usually and more often, life is good.  So, in an effort to celebrate […]

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