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Stories with a positive spin

The Happiest Fork on Earth: HAPIfork.

The Smartest Fork on Earth: HAPIfork

If it meant that you would eat smarter and be healthier, would you let a fork tell you what to do? You see, the HAPIfork is just like a personal trainer, except the types of lifts you will be concentrating on is fork-to-mouth lifts. The key word here is concentration. So often, we eat mindlessly — surely […]

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The good jar

Need A Reminder that Life is Good? Create a “Good Jar” for 2013

Life is good.  A fact we all too often forget. With all of the trials we go through during life, it is not surprising that we sometimes focus on all that is negative rather than on what is positive. Sometimes life is painful, but usually and more often, life is good.  So, in an effort to celebrate […]

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