Review: Vickers Brothers Whisky; South Carolina Backwoods Recipe

Reviews for Vickers Brothers Premium Corn Whisky

Reviews for Vickers Brothers Premium Corn Whisky

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I usually squeeze one drop of juice direct from an orange slice into any glass of whisky to soften the hard edge. Hey, that’s just how I like my whisky. I was reviewing Vickers Brothers South Carolina Backwoods Recipe so I tried it unadulterated, and it didn’t need that drop. It’s almost as if Vickers Brothers created a recipe with my unique taste in mind.

The whisper of honey, the super clean finish from a unique filtration process, and delicate oak from dual-barrel aging creates an incredibly smooth finish. Where the magic occurs, I think, is that this corn whisky is not so smooth that it is wimpy, but just so that the acidity is lowered enough to let the complexity shine.  The finish is long and full like 100% Pinot Meunier Champagne.

And while this corn-cane spirit is uniquely different with the added honey, it still satisfies my craving for American whiskey.

About the product: Cane-Corn Spirit with Honey Added

Family members with a time-honored family recipe, combined with modern and innovative distilling techniques combine to produce an award-winning whiskey, aged for just two years. “The Recipe’s” velvety-smooth mouth feel is the first clue that something remarkable has happened within a short maturation period. The effect of added honey, a unique filtration system, and a dual-barrel aging process not only contributes to smoothness, but also to much lower acidity. The whiskey’s distinctive, fresh oaky nose is due to the use of charred white oak barrels and chips. This backwoods recipe took a Silver Medal at the 2011 New York International Spirits Competition. It is bottled at 45% alcohol by volume, or 90 proof.

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