“Update From the Colonies” (Penguin News Network)

While crossing the Southern Ocean from Antarctica to South Georgia Island, I got to talking with some new friends over a dram or two of Shackleton Whisky and we realized that there is a major gap in news reporting when it comes to the life of the penguin. There is a lot going on in the colonies! That’s when Penguin News Network was born…


Topics on #PNN are typical to a general newscast —

  • The possible abduction of Percy the Penguin and a look at the prime suspect, Scotty the Skua
  • Typical pro-Skua propaganda
  • The Gentoo-ification of the penguin colonies on South Georgia – “They’re even taking naps!”
  • Updates from the kazoo quartet
  • A lichen enthusiast
  • The traffic report
  • The cuteness report…
  • And a completely made up, realtime Twitter feed

Watch it above, on YouTube or on RickandRandy.com. 🙂  Follow me on Twitter.

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