Hornitos Black Barrel; a Drink With my Father

The most memorable drinks that I’ve ever had were also an experience. I had such an experience with my father a couple of weeks ago, sitting on his deck overlooking the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. We sat as we’d done each year previously, for years and years throughout my life, looking out across the silver Puget Sound and mile high evergreen trees while talking about life then and now and when. We sipped quietly, from crystal Waterford snifters — a family relic, unused for decades — swirling caramel-colored liquor against the ornate walls of the glass.

We were drinking Hornitos Black Barrel. Tequila is not my usual drink I’ll admit, but when it’s really good tequila, I am happy to participate. And I love tequila like this, premium agave aged in toasted oak barrels, cared for with the same processes that are used to create fine whiskey. The result, delicate flavors of aged whiskey with both the body and mouthfeel of premium tequila. It’s so modern!

This was an experience that I’ll remember forever, probably — drinking something I’d never tasted, in glassware that I’ve long looked at but never touched my lips to, in this most familiar place just north of Seattle, hanging with my dad… and being his youngest, although I’m all grown up now, I still get great satisfaction finally being permitted to have a drink with him. A big girl drink. 🙂

Hornitos Black Barrel -- photo by @iStefPayne

Hornitos Black Barrel in crystal Waterford snifters with Washington State evergreen trees and blue sky in the background… #lifeisgood

And, a recipe from Hornitos: 

TAKE A SHOT  We could have just put a shotglass on this page and call it done. After all, that’s what a great tequila is really about: pure agave taste, on its own…  (…come on, you know Hornitos can mix up a terrific mixed drink as well. Check out tequila cocktail recipes on Hornitos’ Facebook page.)


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