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Halkidiki, Northern Greece

How to Experience Halkidiki — the Most Tranquil Region in Greece

Traveling to the islands of Greece is by far the most popular way to experience the beaches on the Aegean Sea. But north of Santorini and Rhodes, you’ll find a new way to explore the beaches of Greece on the coasts of Halkidiki — the birthplace of Aristotle. Here, there is no cultural, culinary, back-roads […]

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Aerial view of Porto Carras Resort in Halkidiki, Greece

Luxury Hotels in Northern Greece

There are accommodations in every price range, offering every level of inclusion or abandon, at nearly every destination around the world.  What makes a hotel stay outstanding instead of just good and fine is the level of attention to detail. At a macro level these standout details are things like over-sized towels, spacious and uncluttered […]

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New Greek Cuisine from the Heart of Halkidiki

They say that all people in Greece are governed by religion and tradition. The third governor is food. Eating is thought to cure everything. You have a cold? You must eat. Having relationship trouble? Eat! You will have no strength for tears on an empty stomach. In short, food is love. At traditional food establishments […]

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