Global Entry: How to Cut in Line at Airport Customs

Scanning for customs passage with Global Entry.

Scanning for customs passage with Global Entry.

*Getting through the airport is, for most, the least desirable part of traveling. Sure, you have found time to read magazines and catch up on email, drinking at 9am is perfectly acceptable, and your iPod and the moving walkways can become reverse cinematography where you are the star of your own movie intro. But beyond that, the airport is a major hassle—time added to transport resulting in time removed from your vacation. It is a sea of cranky air travelers, of checked bag fees, TSA pat downs and feel ups, lines, slow moving people when you are late for a plane, fast moving people when you are trying to locate information on the departure screen. While these add-ons and processes are all part of the deal and in place for our safety, a trip to the airport is no hammock in the sea.

But all of that can become a little bit easier with Global Entry.

What it is: Streamlined airport passage, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program that allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the United States.

Standing in line at customs and immigration? Nope. Bypassed! Declaration of goods? “You’re all clear!” Necessity to fill out forms? No pen needed. You simply scan your fingertips and passport and walk right to the front of the line.

Global Entry is available in 44 locations in North America. (As of 5/18/2013)

Global Entry is available in 44 locations in North America. (As of 5/18/2013)

Who it’s for: Citizens of North America who travel to international destinations.

How to get it: Apply online, schedule an in-person interview, interview and confirm eligibility, provide identification (passport, fingerprints, etc.) It costs just $100 for five years. Time is money and at just $20 a year, that’s a lot of sanity for your buck.

Now you can concentrate on more important things—like travel.

*You cannot buy our love at World on a Fork — all reviews on this site are a result of unsolicited support.  

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