The Smartest Fork on Earth: HAPIfork

HAPIfork, the smartest fork on Earth.

HAPIfork, the smartest fork on Earth.

If it meant that you would eat smarter and be healthier, would you let a fork tell you what to do? You see, the HAPIfork is just like a personal trainer, except the types of lifts you will be concentrating on is fork-to-mouth lifts.

The key word here is concentration. So often, we eat mindlessly — surely you have heard or read not to chow in front of your TV or computer for this exact reason. Or perhaps you’ve kept a food diary where you write down everything you eat to review later so that you can get a visualization of what you are eating. HAPIfork returns your focus to the matter at hand while you are eating (that’s very efficient!!)

When we eat too fast and too much, we are afflicted with weight gain, acid reflux, digestive problems, etc. HAPIfork has indicator lights that signal when the user eats too fast. It also measures how long it took to eat the meal, the quantity of fork lifts per minute, resting time in between — then it sends the information to an individualized online dashboard where HAPIeaters can monitor the results of their eating behavior. Yes, there is a fork with an app and a coaching program too.

This HAPItechnology has a lot of potential, and if it actually works, we’re definitely excited about it. You see, unlike going to see a personal trainer, you’re going to lift a fork anyway, so it’s simple to work into your life. But exercise is exciting too and this isn’t meant to be a lose-weight-fast gimmick, but a healthy lifestyle tool.

Now that you want one, throw your support to the project on Kickstarter. You can get a HAPIfork for $89. If you want to let beta testing run so you can see what others are saying about the results before you buy one (you know, like we do with new Microsoft and Apple products), you can throw your support for as little as $5 (the project must be fully funded by Saturday, Jun 1 for manufacturing to begin.)

Visit to read scientific research about the benefits of eating slowly.

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