Beautiful Wine Labels Created by Famous Artists

In Langhe region of northwestern Italy, a fourth generation small-producer is yielding some of the world’s most distinct, elevated single-vineyard Barberas and Barolos available. And how better to put the stamp on a beautiful bottle than with a beautiful label? In 1970, the Vietti family began their ongoing collection of artist labels featuring original creations by world-renowned artists. This collection created from lithographs, etchings, silkscreens, and linocuts would go on exhibition at New York’s MOMA in 1996. Labels were produced in the exact quantity of wine that was produced, so that each varietal and vintage had its own one-of-a-kind label. In other words, when the production ran out, so did the label. The first 100 were signed by the artist.

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How the idea took shape, from Alfredo Currado (Vietti’s pioneering winemaker.) “The idea was conceived in the company of a group of friends one winter’s evening around a bottle of Barolo Rocche. Some of them were artists, and while we were tasting a few bottles they were fired with enthusiasm just on seeing the colour of the wine in the glass. They said wines like these deserved to be graced with labels unlike any other: labels designed by Artists. In the excitement of the moment we drew up a list of Artists, and the following day what had seemed to be a fanciful idea began to take shape”.


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