Archive | February 24, 2013

Pâté Maison (pah-tay mā-zō) History and Recipe

Historically, (and today in many parts of the world) no part of an animal is wasted from the dinner table — a good example of this is bottarga, cured mullet roe from the Mediterranean. Another is French pâté. Pâté was first sold as a simple meat pie in food markets in ancient Greece. In its early form, […]

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The ‘Poor Man’s’ Caviar’: Bottarga

Bottarga, sometimes called the “poor man’s caviar,” is prized by award-winning chefs and by simple eaters alike — proving that when it comes to taste, the smartest ingredients often have humble beginnings. Bottarga is a fish roe pouch that is cleaned, massaged to eliminate air pockets, salted, pressed and dried for up to five months. This […]

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