Sayulita, Nayarit, Pacific Mexico

Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

Before sharing guide-booky info to help you navigate Sayulita, Mexico – what to do, where to eat, etc. – we want to first share with you a sense of place.

The “tube” or “green room” is the term used to describe the hollow of a wave—it is exactly where a surfer wants to be. And when they are not in it, they are scouting the best beach cities where they can find it. Sayulita is one of those places. This is a more rustic Mexico than say, Playa Del Carmen or Cabo, and has a strong sense of community and vibrant beach culture.

Looking for the perfect wave or a relaxed way of life, many expats from North America and Canada have flown south for the winter (or year-round) to make Sayulita their home. It has an active and low-tempo pace. On any street and down the beach you will see dogs taking their owners for runs and people saying good morning. Shade-grown Mexican coffee is for breakfast and Modello is for lunch—and the freshest, most delicious, authentic fish tacos come in threes: one taco, two taco, three taco…

Fish Taco's from Sayulita's 'Fish Taco' - right on the main street through town.

Fish Taco’s from Sayulita’s ‘Fish Taco’ – right on the main street through town.

And lastly, and a really important note if you go: if you start to pack anything dressy, unpack it.  Sayulita is super, super-duper casual. Flip flops, shorts, cargo pants, sundresses, polo shirts, bathing suits, whatever. Just keep it simple and easy, that’s the Sayulita way.

Our favorite Sayulita juice bar, "Orangy's"

Our favorite Sayulita juice bar, “Orangy’s”

A few fun things to do:

For the men: there is a golf course nearby.

For the ladies: there is a spa nearby, at the Four Seasons. At $100 just to enter the property, it works out to be about $400-$500 USD for a simple massage treatment. The good news is that you can also get one on the beach for $25 USD, and you don’t have to leave the beach.

Deep sea or coastal fishing. Line it, pull it in, bring it back and grill it up. (The price range for excursions varies greatly, so do your research by asking around when you get there.)

Horseback riding. One or two hours, sunset or daylight. 25$ USD an hour. Easy to book, up to the jungle and into the sunset.

Airport transfer: There is a bus for $25 (Peso’s) which in late 2012 was about $3 (USD). Bus schedules are not always reliable (we found out the hard way) and sometimes just stop running for no reason at all. Fortunately, there are airport cabs that will take you into town.  Ours tried to charge $65 USD but we bargained down to a cool $40 – very reasonable.  Bargaining tip: brush up on your Spanish, it’s a must for bargaining.

For all the information you will need to find accommodations, airport transfers, and such, go to the official site of Sayulita,

Sayulita, Pacific Mexico

Sayulita, Pacific Mexico

Sayulita, Pacific Mexico

Sayulita, Pacific Mexico

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