Archive | February 16, 2013
Swiss 'Peasant' Food: Raclette

Raclette – Traditional Swiss ‘Peasant’ Food

Switzerland’s most beloved dish is Raclette. A hearty and inexpensive meal perfected for centuries in the Alps. Traditionally, this hobo-style meal was meant to satisfy big appetites in cold winter weather and was made out of just cheese, potatoes and vegetables—all ingredients grown in the mountains. Adding meat became popular when the dish hit populated […]

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Beautiful beaches in Cape Town, South Africa

What to do in Cape Town, South Africa, in Three Days

Cape Town is chic and exciting, historic, sophisticated and endearing. There is plenty to do to keep you occupied for weeks or forever, but if you only have three days—here’s what to check out: Points of Interest Table Top Mountain.  To outsiders, it is just a hill, but to Capetonians it is a sacred mountain.  This […]

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Do You Eat Cult Food? Conversation Hearts

Do You Eat Cult Food?

This is part two- of a four-part series: ”DO YOU EAT VINTAGE FOOD / NEW FOOD / CULT FOOD / REAL FOOD?” CULT FOODS: Food that we love that is limited edition or scarcely available. Food with a reputation for being awesome and/or nostalgic. Conversation Hearts. Necco makes more than 8 billion boxes of these candy hearts annually for Valentine’s […]

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