Competition for Amazon Books? provides a new online experience for authors and readers. provides a new online experience for authors and readers.

Amazon Books is a wondrous place for book lovers and authors alike. It has almost every title of any book in and out of print at the lowest price possible. It gives an easy shopping experience to those of us who love to read, and hope to those who want to write and publish. Amazon was built before Social took the web by storm. Bookish launched just yesterday – and here is why we love it:

  • Bookish not only has a breadth of print and e-books, but essays and author biographies and interviews as well.
  • They encourage you to buy from independent stores on the site, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and IndieBound, through their joint marketing program.
  • They tap into the expertise of authors, editors and publishers to suggest books that you will like based on the titles you provide. So, we love books about travel and adventure.  Boom – it’s right there in the ‘Subjects’ dropdown.

Find your book in three easy steps: let's you search millions of books in three easy steps
Bookish CEO Ardy Khazaei tells USA Today: We are “not trying to steal sales” from Amazon and other retailers. Rather, he says, it aims to “grow the market” by helping “readers connect with books and authors they love or will come to love by discovering them.”
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