Seven Funny Super Bowl Ads

The Super Bowl has three ingredients: a ball game, overeating and drinking, and the years best TV ads. It’s actually a perfect recipe for generating greater support and word of mouth publicity from new or loyal customers. Professor Thales Teixeira of Harvard Business School says, however, that “too much entertainment actually detracts people from buying products.” Not a big surprise. But the ads are worth talking about and are generally extremely clever, sometimes sexy, and usually pretty funny. We’ve collected seven of our favorite funny ads from the last few decades and imagine that we will update the page after today’s big game.

APPLE, 1984, Super Bowl XVIII

Apple has always been good at making us chew our nails in suspense of their next product release. This 1984 ad directed by Ridley Scott is regarded as one of the best commercials of all time – doing paranoid, Orwellian and hypnotic so well that we are almost compelled to hop on eBay and search for an old school Macintosh.

NOXEMA, 1973, Super Bowl VII

Farrah Fawcett slathering Joe Namath with Noxema shaving cream.  Tongue and cheek vintage goodness.

Best Fans Ever, 2011, Super Bowl XLV 

Super Bowl in pop-culture.  Sit-com clips of junk food gathering and game preparation.

Snickers, 2012, Super Bowl XLVI

Snickers has made some really great ads over the years, but we like this Betty White scrimmage the best.  “That’s not what your girlfriend says!” Hilarious.

Ameriquest, 2006, Superbowl XL

Like watching a flower wilt while a sad trombone plays, yet you can’t stop laughing at it – what a weird sensation.

Pepsi, 1992, Super Bowl XXVI

When it comes to Super Bowl ads, humor sells just as well as sex.  But in this case, sex wins. All-American sex appeal at it’s best.

Bud Light, 2006, Super Bowl XL

A revolving door and a magic fridge. Everybody wins.



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