Archive | February 3, 2013
Gad Made a Farmer

Best Ads from Superbowl XLVII

Our picks for the very best ads during Super Bowl 47 (slim pickings this year, hmm?) Audi. Bravery. Teenager goes to prom, kisses prom queen and gets punched out by prom king. Teenager never happier than rolling home with his black eye in his Audi. Bravery. Doritos. Goat 4 Sale. Man buys a goat, shares the Doritos, has […]

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Seven Funny Super Bowl Ads

The Super Bowl has three ingredients: a ball game, overeating and drinking, and the years best TV ads. It’s actually a perfect recipe for generating greater support and word of mouth publicity from new or loyal customers. Professor Thales Teixeira of Harvard Business School says, however, that “too much entertainment actually detracts people from buying […]

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