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Best New Board Game: “Cards Against Humanity”

Are your friends creative and completely vulgar?  Ours are too.  So you’ll believe us when we say that if you get your posse together to play this card game (we recommend with cocktails) you might actually make yourself nauseous by laughing so hard – a really good thing! It’s a simple concept, one player per round asks a […]

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Explorer Vasco da Gama – “The Admiral of the Indian Seas”

Before jet planes, great adventure and exploration was a long and daring endeavor. It’s hard to believe now that there was a time when traveling round trip from Lisbon to Calcutta could take two years. That’s exactly how long it took the great Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama, to sail a maiden voyage from his native […]

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What to eat for luck

Eat Your Luck: Prosperity Foods from Around the World

Most cultures have eating traditions that are meant to bring good luck and prosperity to the beginning of each year. We aren’t too superstitious, so we think it’s okay to bend the rules and incorporate these ingredients into your menu throughout January.  (We’re not sure, but it probably can’t hurt to increase the odds of good fortune?) […]

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