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Lokrum Island, Croatia

Lokrum Island, Croatia — “The Island of Love”

According to legend, Lokrum Island is cursed. It began in the 12th century, when a French general ordered expulsion of the Benedictine monks who had built and lived in their house of worship on Lokrum for centuries. Dismayed, the monks went to the church of St. Mary to pray to the god of the island for […]

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National Geographic Society

Happy Birthday to the National Geographic Society – 125 Years Today!

If you wander into National Geographic’s headquarters in Washington, DC and look up at the ceiling, you will see recessed lighting forming constellations appearing exactly as they did in the night sky 125 years ago. It was then, in 1888, that The National Geographic Society was born. The conversation that started it all took place among 33 […]

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Are you a good tipper?

Are You Good Tipper?

Are you a bad tipper? Do you even care if you’re a good or a bad tipper? In France, Paris especially, cafe and food culture is so important that servers earn reasonably high wages and additional government subsidies. By contrast, in Washington DC, tipped employees earn a pittance – about $2.13 an hour before State […]

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Crystal Head Vodka

Crystal Head Vodka

Are you a fool for skulls and a really good martini?  A classic martini – vodka or gin or both — is one of the easiest drinks to make poorly.  Equally, it is one of those drinks that is truly memorable when made well.  So, with our current fixation on drinking only perfectly crafted martinis during […]

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Brilliant Self Marketing: Houdini

Harry Houdini – Marketing Magician Extraordinaire

Harry Houdini — magician extraordinaire, a master of self-promotion, the world’s first celebrity. Houdini ignited the nation with death-defying performances by enlisting promotional help from radio broadcasts, public platforms, and one of his favorite tools: the police. In 1898, he set the stage (and arranged a subsequent arrest by the Chicago Police) atop a building […]

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President Franklin D. Roosevelt with Harry Hopkins, 1938

55 Grammar Rules

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is regarded as one of the very best speakers of all time – largely due to the positive, inspiring and influential nature of his speeches. To be a great speaker – in public or among few – you must master inflection, posture, eye contact and tone just as much as vocabulary, message and rules […]

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Historic Postage Stamps | World on a Fork

Fine Art and Design on Postage Stamps

(Last updated: November 27, 2013)  Before we turn our back on postal services – let’s pay homage to some beautiful art that snail mail has into brought into our homes over the years. (This one’s for you, pop!) 

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Traditional Style Spanish Paella from Valencia

Cooking for a Crowd? Family-Style Spanish Paella

It’s the weekend and on the weekend, we should cook feasts. Here is a good feast to share (and it can be a costly one because seafood and saffron can both be quite expensive.) Worth the cost, though, with a host of approving eyebrows raising the roof and a story to tell while chowing down. So, Paella.  First […]

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Saffron threads (World on a Fork)

Saffron: the Sexiest Spice on Earth

It soothed Alexander the Great after battle, launched wars between nations, and one single thread was once said to calm melancholy and ignite passion. The vibrant, red threads of this heavily sought after Middle Eastern spice has been used for more than 4,000 years to treat illnesses in the Middle East and Asia, to nuance […]

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