Saffron: the Sexiest Spice on Earth

 alt="Saffron Threads"

Saffron Threads

It soothed Alexander the Great after battle, launched wars between nations, and one single thread was once said to calm melancholy and ignite passion.

The vibrant, red threads of this heavily sought after Middle Eastern spice has been used for more than 4,000 years to treat illnesses in the Middle East and Asia, to nuance creations of master perfumers, and to flavor the most exciting recipes earth.

It is fine. It is expensive. It is delicate. And it is bold.

Today in America, the cost of saffron ranges from $500 to $5,000 a pound, making it one of the world’s most expensive spices by weight. The smallest amount of saffron will bring simple beauty and balance to (not all, but the right,) dishes.

Saffron is harvested from the fall-flowering plant Crocus Sativus, a member of the Iris family. Culinary use is cerebral – so think before you toss.

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