Need A Reminder that Life is Good? Create a “Good Jar” for 2013

Life is good. In a jar.

Life is good. In a jar.

Life is good.  A fact we all too often forget. With all of the trials we go through during life, it is not surprising that we sometimes focus on all that is negative rather than on what is positive. Sometimes life is painful, but usually and more often, life is good.  So, in an effort to celebrate (and focus on) the good, we are implementing a ‘celebrate your life’ game at WOAF Headquarters.

We are calling it “The Good Jar.” This is how it is played (and we hope that you’ll play along!):

  1. Get a jar.
  2. Cut a slit in the screw on cap large enough to stuff a piece of paper inside.
  3. Name your jar (it doesn’t have to be called “The Good Jar”, that is just what we are calling it.)
  4. Write it in bold ink on a slip 0f paper and tape or glue it to the outside of the jar.
  5. Every time something good happens – something that enhances your life, forgettable or unforgettable – write it on a paper, and slip it in.
  6. Do this throughout 2013 (or ’14, or ’15…)
  7. On New Years Eve, your birthday, or any other day that you need a reminder that good things are happening in your life, open the jar and read about your positive, recent experiences. (Examples of what our writers have contributed since we came up with this game six days ago: Got a new job; traveled to a new country; made a new, good friend; paid back a debt; sold a painting; rode a horse for the first time; made the perfect Thanksgiving turkey…)

We hope this idea will bring some peace and joy to your year. 🙂

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