Journey Into Wild West Papua with Filmmakers Zvone Seruga and Neja Garvas

Every day of most of our lives is largely consumed by progress, technology, the constant drive for success. But somewhere—in a rugged place nestled within our “small world”—is tribal living at its most primitive. Few people have the guts, the means, or even a reason to seek this wonderful place—one of the most wild places on Earth.

Have you ever wondered where on our Earth primitive life still exists and what it might look like? Journey to West Papua with inspired filmmakers, Zvone Seruga and Neja Garvas in the four short films.

Four weeks of strenuous trekking through mountainous West Papua, on a quest to reach the last cannibals of the world. From corrupt guides and petty thievery to joyous friendships formed with some of the most exotic, primitive people still walking the earth – Balkan filmmakers Zvone Seruga, Neja and Lara descend on a journey into awe and struggle and rise to find enormous satisfaction and pure joy.  Slovenian and West Papuan, subtitled in English.

A harrowing jungle adventure in southern West Papua!  Two fascinating tribes and endless, tormented “conversations” with a local, “I-Speak-English-Not”, guide to gather information. There are very few books, articles or anthropological research studies conducted about these tribes—it is as if they were discovered in one of the last unknown planets of the universe.  Slovenian and West Papuan, subtitled in English.

“What a wonderful feeling, heading off into the unknown. I have no idea where I’m going!” – Neja Garvas

Video short of how to obtain sago flour from palm—the only food eaten by the Korowai tribe … other than human flesh of enemy tribes from time to time. Slovenian and West Papuan – subtitled in English.

Expedition to the end of the world—or better, the end of the world as we now it. Women breastfeeding pigs, men killing their enemy tribes with bows and arrows, children playing with nature, and tourists trying their best to survive while unearthing the danger, excitement and wonder of entirely different world. Slovenian and West Papuan – no subtitles.) 

2012/2013: The Busmen and Himba tribes in Namibian desert (2010). Stay tuned!

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